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Machine Learning | Working with APIs

It's great that you have learned something but what is the use of that, you should how to apply your learning. Today I learned about how to handle APIs to fetch data and manage it. Link of the Code :  Working with APIs Step 1. How to fetch data …

Rahul Verma

Day 1 of Machine Learning | Working on Fundamentals

This is my first day of Machine learning before I thought machine learning is all about writing a lot of code and preparing a physical model that does the job automatically but, it is more about applying logic to the data we have and experimenting w…

Rahul Verma

Best Udemy courses for Python - Free

Although there is a lot of stuff available online to learn Python. But most beginners get confused to choose the right one for them. So In this article, we are going to cover some of the best courses for Python programming language that is available…

Rahul Verma

Cracking the coding Interview PDF - free

I know you are so talented in your field but all you need is questions to clear the interviews and I have seen many programmers struggling to crack a job interview because they need help to think about the solution instantly. Many programmers watc…

Rahul Verma

Microsoft new Bing - Better than Google and Chat GPT

Nowadays we are seeing so many AI coming into the market and Microsoft Bing is one of them. Most of us use Microsoft Edge for browsing purposes and now they have launched this new AI which is more accurate and trusted than any other AI like Chat GP…

Rahul Verma

What if you don't have a degree

I'm a graduate student but not in computer science so it's hard for me to get a job in a tech company although I have the knowledge of programming languages and all the requirements that are needed to get a job. I live in India and here yo…

Rahul Verma
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